At the beginning of each new year, I do my best to make any necessary changes in the business to work with the new trends and markets. This also includes my seeking the best methods for getting bids awarded to us over our competitors. Our phenomenal reputation has allowed us some exclusive contracts, but I will never settle or become complacent with that gift. I have changed the pay scale for many of my peeps and modified the traveling costs so we aren’t losing as much on each out of town trip. I am always willing to risk a loss when trying to break into a new market, but I can’t set a precedent that we will always be willing to lose money on jobs just to have jobs. The mommy in me begins getting concerned about the kind of care these children are getting in other areas because I am often on the receiving end of the horror stories of other companies and their incompetence when caring for children. There is no reason to put money ahead of these children and too often it happens.

So as we move further into the new year, I will continue doing my best to be fair in my compensation to the contractors and employees who work with me while maintaining the integrity of the business and bidding a fair amount for payment of our services. The people with whom I work are the absolute best around. Having NEVER advertised for caregivers, I am able to gain insight into who these people are from those who refer them to work with me. What a great group of men and women I have! I couldn’t do any of this without them and I do my best to convey that message to them all the time.