Hello and welcome to my new blog. I will be giving updates on all the new and exciting things happening with Creative Childcare Solutions, Inc. I want to begin by thanking all our customers for their continued support of our services! We love caring for the children in your groups and particularly enjoy the opportunity of giving back to our military families during their pre-deployment, post-deployment, and marriage retreats. We are forever thankful for the sacrifices your families make to ensure our safety and freedom to continue living the American dream. I intend to highlight special things from our events and humor you with little “kid” comments that are priceless to us. As we expand, I will take you along on the journey of our new endeavors both locally and nationally. Hang on to your seats as we break new ground in other states and with additional military groups and new clients. Our newest expansion into offering on-site group events at our new location in Oregon City, Oregon will take place early this summer. Thank you again for all your support and for appreciating our attention to detail in caring for each of your children. It is an honor and a privilege to care for other people’s children!

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