I know that buying a house can entail many details and responsibilities. However, buying 9.5 acres with 7 buildings on it requires many steps. We are very fortunate to be working on this with an incredible realtor and a very giving seller, but in order to set things up correctly for, we have gone the extra mile to ensure the land is safe and environmentally friendly for all. I have so many dreams for this property that will allow us to invite groups of military families to come for the day to hang out on a farm, have good food, and relax while we serve them. In order for this to happen, we have to put in a commercial kitchen and landscape certain areas of the grounds. We are motivated and want to run with our ideas, but we first have to get into our house, get settled, get MONEY, and then we can proceed. This entire move has been inspired by and led by God. There is no other way to explain its development. I woke up one morning announcing to my husband that we needed to move. Within 2 weeks, we were putting the offer in on the house and land. I drove by it at least five times daily claiming it to be ours. This was not a selfish, greedy act, but more of an enthusiasm for the possibilities of giving back to our community through our projects on this property. The ideas are endless, so I must create different phases in order to meet our final plans.

I plan to live out the remainder of my life at this place. I expect to have grandchildren running around in the years to come. I plan to teach my 3 boys the meaning of real, true, hard work and the grit it takes to accomplish the tasks of running a farm. The lessons they will learn will help continue developing them into good citizens of this planet and men of character. Our home will be a place of peace; a thread of positive energy will run through every inch of those acres. All who come there will feel welcome and know that we are there to serve them. Our stewardship of this land will bring new experiences, people, and opportunities to help others. We remain open to where we will be led and faithfully open our doors to anyone who comes across our path. We are truly blessed and intend to bless others for the rest of our lives. Come along for the ride!

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