Our weekends are beginning to fill up as we enter February. Funding requirements are not finalized until January 28th which means our phone should be ringing off the hook on February 1st. Bring it on! We are ready. We have created a new handbook for our contractors and started developing a training program they can do in order to best understand how to work with our groups of children. We have already booked jobs in La Grande, Pendleton, Salem, Redmond, Seattle, Welches, Warrenton, Wilsonville, and Timberline.

Esther and her brilliance, accompanied by Maura and her full character, stood for 8 hours each day last weekend inside an 8 x 10 booth (dressed in black tie attire) at the Portland Bridal Show. I brought lunch one day and touched base with some of our venues and connections. Esther is so good at the girlie girl stuff that she thrives on being around brides and weddings. She really knows how to work with these excited women to help them eliminate any childcare issues. As we all know, some family members think the “No kids allowed” rule doesn’t apply to them — after all, they are family! Being able to convey all the options we have for keeping the wedding day flowing smoothly and without children, really calms these brides and mothers-of-the brides’ minds. Esther has already booked her first event from the show, in only 3 days! You go girl!

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